Fraud Examination Case Highlights

Business Tax Fraud Examination

Completed a fraud examination of the books and records for a criminal payroll tax evasion case and discovered an eight year fraud scheme perpetrated by the owner’s right hand man. After a twelve month investigation and recreation of the books and records I was able to prove that the owner was not aware that payroll taxes were not being paid or submitted and that the records were manipulated to look as though they were in order to conceal an embezzlement scheme. After submitting reports, schedules and exhibits and issuing a supplemental report, the case against the client was dropped by the AUSA and IRS.

Civil Partnership Fraud Examination

Retained in a civil matter by client’s legal counsel to complete a fraud examination of a large family owned construction company and real estate partnership. During the examination I uncovered an embezzlement scheme as well as financial statement fraud, hidden bank accounts and the filing of false corporate tax returns. The client agreed to a favorable settlement with the suspects prior to a jury trial which resulted in the client’s complete ownership of the corporation and the majority of the land valued at $28 million.